Wildlife ranching industry welcomes online auctions

South Africa’s wildlife ranching industry has welcomed the introduction of an online, real-time auction platform for game.

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The first Aucor Wildlife Auctions (AWA) dual online and physical game auction is scheduled for 24 May at Vaalwater in Limpopo.

AWA is a joint venture between well-known SA auction company, Aucor, and wildlife auctioneers, Wildlife Auctions. “AWA boasts custom-made, state-of-the-art online auction software which is designed to specifically address the inherent difficulties faced by live video streaming in South Africa,” said an AWA statement.

“The system that has been developed ensures that online bidders are not subject to any lag for real-time bidding, which could result in them losing out in an auction.”

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Herman Barnard, manager of Wildlife Ranching SA, said his organisation felt that online game auctions would improve access to wildlife. Previously, time and distance had often prevented many potential sellers and buyers from attending on-site game auctions on a regular basis.

“It will also benefit the part-time game farmers or businesspersons who are new entrants to the game industry. They can participate in auctions while at home or in the office,” said Barnard.