Royal Show pictorial

A selection of some of the exhibits that caught Joe Spencer’s eye at his 47th Pietermaritzburg Royal Show.

Royal Show pictorial
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This year’s Royal Show promised ‘Something for Everyone’ – and it certainly delivered as far as the agricultural machinery was concerned.

1 Reapers
The Rovic Leers five-tine ripper seen here is set up with special blades to lift cane stools. The inset shows a close-up of the modified blade.

2 Rovic Leers
The Checchi & Magli SP 50V potato lifter is ideal for small-scale growers. Oscillating sieves separate the tubers from the soil.

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3 Rogue Agriculture
This Pietermaritzburg manufacturer showed its competitively priced 20×24 offset disc harrow.

4 GC Tillage
The Lightning X Spread joins the highly competitive fertiliser spreader market.

5 Avant Durban
First-timers at the PMB show, Avant displayed a wide range of attachments for Avant articulated loaders, including this rotary mower.

6 Captain Tractors
The front-mounted reaper for Captain Mini-tractors seen here is proving popular for a variety of crops. It cuts cleanly and makes a neat windrow.

7 Valtrac KZN
Valtrac now distributes Kubota as well as Valtrac tractors. This is the popular Kubota M8540 4WD, rated at 64kW.

8 ZM Pompe
ZM Pompe showed a wide range of devices for harnessing the power of water, wind and sunlight to drive pumps or generate electricity.

9 Barloworld Armstrong
There was a great deal of interest from cane farmers in the Lemken range of implements on the Armstrong stand. This is the Lemken Rubin 9 with a 3m compact disc harrow.

10 Carrotech/Monosem
The Monosem three-row ridger fertiliser applicator has been set up specifically for sugarcane

11 Bell Equipment
Bell Equipment proudly advertised the fact that its equipment is built in South Africa. Seen here is the Bell 1216A haulage tractor and Bell dumper trailer.

12 FMS
The Fella range of hay machinery has been rebranded as Massey Ferguson. Seen here is the MF DM 1358 five-disc mower. FMS now also imports the famous Fleigl range of trailers.