Why you don’t need an intricate filtration system

Why you don’t need an intricate filtration system

Filtration systems with sophisticated designs rarely work efficiently. Instead, growers should focus on higher volumes.
SA government failing commercial aquaculture

SA government failing commercial aquaculture

SA has the potential to become a successful producer of Nile tilapia, yet government’s latest efforts aimed at supporting commercial aquaculture are counterproductive.
The rise and fall of ornamental fish culture

The rise and fall of ornamental fish culture

The hobby of keeping exotic ornamental fish in a home aquarium is nowhere near as popular as it once was.
South Africa’s potential pond farming bonanza

South Africa’s potential pond farming bonanza

Pond aquaculture systems may be the answer to producing bulk quantities of tilapia simply and affordably.
A small-scale farmer’s neatly numbered ponds.

Small-scale fish farming

With government assistance, many rural small-scale fish farmers could turn their operations into viable enterprises.

Conserving South Africa’s Blue Kurper populations

Establishing sanctuaries is the only way in which we can protect our Blue Kurper populations from the spread of Nile tilapia.

Balancing tilapia production with conservation

SA’s environmental approach of preserving rather than conserving is hampering commercial tilapia culture.

Selling your fish: which customers are best for you?

Before embarking on a tilapia farming business, carefully consider who your buyers will be – your success will depend on it!

Development zones: dead in the water?

The aquaculture development zones proposed by government are not the way to develop the sector.

Aquaculture 101: the advantages of greenhouse tunnels

Want cost-effective heating for your aquaculture system? Nothing beats greenhouse tunnels.
Pond farming will produce the steady high-volume production required.

How far have we come with aquaculture in SA?

This is the 100th aquaculture column to appear in Farmer’s Weekly, and to mark this milestone, I’d like to explore how far the industry has come since my first article...

Small community fish farms – then and now

Certain non-negotiable measures are needed to make small, community-run fish farms successful.


Southern Cape wheat farmer shares his strategy for managing budgets and cash flow

Financial planning: crucial to sustainable production

To weather the impact of market fluctuations and extreme climatic conditions, producers have to think strategically about farming. Pieter de Jager spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his strategy.

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