Africa’s many tilapia species

The versatile tilapia is found all over Africa, but not all species are suitable for aquaculture production.

Generalist and specialist fish species

Not all fish species are suitable for aquaculture simply because they grow large in their natural habitat.

Aquaculture: claims vs reality

Production claims must be based on proven, long-term commercial results – they cannot be extrapolated.

Invest in rural aquaculture!

The SA government does not provide adequate support or information to rural people who want to start a fish farm.

The stages of filtration – it’s all about balance

There are four key aspects of filtration, all of which are non-negotiable and integral to running a successful system.

Rating recirculating systems for tilapia

The efficacy of any recirculating system must be based on solid evidence and statistics over a full season.

Is farmed fish bad for you?

Sweeping claims about toxins contained in farmed fish, which are supposedly dangerous to human health, are unsubstantiated and false.

Red tape strangles SA aquaculture

Local aquaculture is hampered by misguided policies, over-regulation and government interference – all of which serve to stifle what could otherwise be a highly productive and lucrative industry.

Oxygen and stocking rates

Any viable tilapia grow-out system is dependent on adequate oxygen levels. As stocking rates and fish size increase, so too does demand for oxygen, and it is important to ensure...

Fish farming – coping with heat

An increase in water temperature means a depletion in oxygen levels. How do tunnel-based fish farms cope with extreme heat and ensure that fish receive their required oxygen levels?

Aquaculture in 2015 – a review

The South African aquaculture industry continues to experience difficulty with the import and farming of certain species. In neighbouring countries, by contrast, the industry is flourishing.

Government’s approach towards aquaculture

The SA government’s misdirected approach towards aquaculture is clear, especially when compared with the situation in neighbouring countries.


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