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Maximise dairy profits with beef semen

Improved breeding technologies and practices have resulted in many dairies ending up with more replacement heifers than they need. To add value to surplus animals, farmers can use beef semen on some of their cows. Glenneis Kriel explains what this process entails, and how it should be approached and implemented.

Small-scale and subsistence farmers: ‘The backbone of India’s mega dairy industry’

In a move that is being called production by the masses rather than mass production, India has successfully mobilised 100 million subsistence and small-scale dairy farmers to make that country the world’s largest milk producer. Lindi Botha visited India to see how this remarkable feat has been achieved.

How a Simmentaler stud thrives on mountainous veld

The dual-purpose Simmentaler is known for its adaptability and good temperament. Tjokkie Nel, who runs a stud near Barkly East, spoke to Gavin Isted about the success he has had on this seemingly harsh terrain.
Kobus van der Linde Dexter breeder

Hardy, dual-purpose Dexters make sound business sense

Twenty years ago, Gauteng livestock producer Kobus van der Linde bought a handful of Dexter cattle as a hobby for his children. Today, Van der Linde’s 100-head Lundi Dexter stud is a profitable operation, and his sole business. Annelie Coleman visited him to find out why he concentrated on this remarkable breed.

Read this before buying a bull for your beef herd!

Sechaba Majola, a researcher in the Animal Unit at the University of the Free State, gives advice to small-scale beef cattle farmers on how to buy a quality bull and improve herd genetics.
Drakensberger cattle

Drakensberger cattle: ‘An all-rounder like no other’

Drakensberger cattle pulled the Voortrekkers’ wagons on their epic journeys to South Africa’s inland regions in the 19th century. Susan Marais visited Petrus Taljaard of Talman Drakensbergers in Mpumalanga to find out more about his love for this breed, and how he deals with cattle diseases and the area’s harsh winters.

SA’s top beef producers shine at ARC awards

The Agricultural Research Council recently presented its 44th instalment of the annual National Beef Performers Awards, which recognises outstanding achievements across seven categories of beef cattle performance and production. Farmer’s Weekly is the proud sponsor of the National Best Elite Cow category, the winners of which are presented below.
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Mastitis: prevention is better than cure

Mastitis can be devastating to a dairy’s profitability. Dr Chantelle Erwee, technical manager of ruminants at Zoetis, describes strategies that a farmer can implement to prevent cows from developing the condition.

Beef production: achieving a top herd through careful veld management

Father-and-son team Robert and Sanele Khumalo constantly strive to maximise carcass weight in their commercial beef production enterprise. But with heavy recent rains and ever more unpredictable weather patterns, this requires careful and ongoing management of grazing and herd health.

The Beefmaster: adaptable and hardy

Cows of this tough, dual-purpose breed from Texas are renowned for their strong maternal traits, their fertility and their easy calving. What’s more, the Beefmaster’s famous ‘Six Essentials’ guide simplifies breeding.

High-priced Drakensbergers

Drakensberger bulls have fetched spectacular prices on auction over the past few years. In this article, we list some of the highest prices registered.

How Angus cattle add value to a fruit farm

The production of Angus cattle enables Western Cape farmer Gielie Geldenhuys to make use of land unsuitable for fruit or onion production. He spoke to Glenneis Kriel about his diversification enterprise.