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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest animal farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Ngunis return to their Eastern Cape roots

The University of Fort Hare's Nguni Cattle Project, launched in 2003, is successfully managing the resurgence of the Nguni cattle breed in its traditional home of the former Ciskei and Transkei. Mike Burgess reports on how this acclaimed development initiative has brought the Nguni back to its traditional roots to uplift poor rural communities.
Issue date:23 March 2007

Pulling up lame?

Lameness is probably the most common cause of concern amongst horse owners. There are many and varied reasons for a horse pulling up lame.
Issue Date 16 March 2007

How to buy from an auction

Unless you are a beneficiary in a top pigeon fancier's will, the only way you will lay your hands on a prime stock pigeon is to buy it at the dispersal auction.
Issue Date 16 March 2007

Pioneers of SA marron production

For seven years Vaughn Bursey and John Tinley (above) of Smiling Valley Aquaculture have pursued and persevered their passion for aquaculture by farming marron freshwater crayfish. Mike Burgess visits them to find that this year - thanks to the knowledge gleaned from years of trial and error - they expect to produce up to 80 000 juveniles and 1 500kg edible marron from their 1,2ha of ponds

Lumps and bumps

The skin is the largest organ of body. It is very important to keep your horse's coat as clean as possible. Protect your horse's eyes from fly-borne infections with a natural fly repellent or fly fringe. There are many disorders that affect the skin

A study in Million Dollar pigeons

The 11th Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race had contestants on the edges of their seats on 3 February. The winners are in high spirits, and the fanciers who didn't score are back at the drawing board. The common consensus worldwide is that the winning birds are those which possess the “correct” gene package for the circumstances of the race - and then hit peak form on the day.
Issue Date: 9 March 2007

In search of the true hunter

Two South African hunting organisations react to an article (Farmer's Weekly, 8 December 2006) which pleaded for a comprehensive rule book aimed at reining in the 'Rambos' who upset farmers and other hunters. Roelof Bezuidenhout provides their viewpoints.
Issue Date: 9 March 2007

Livestock marking kicks off in Lesotho

The concept has already been years in the making, and finally Lesotho has begun implementing a countrywide livestock-marking programme to combat stock theft. South Africa is providing expertise and will benefit from the programme as well. Lloyd Phillips pays the mountain kingdom a visit.

Lessons from UK pigeon analyst Kevin Winter

Kevin Winter is a self-taught health researcher and pigeon analyst. He has tested the health of more than 44 000 pigeons in his own laboratory in Sunderland in the UK over the last five years. Issue Date: 23 February 2007

How to convert a pen-raised human

In the fourth article of our habitat planning series, habitat designer Ben Breedlove explains to Roelof Bezuidenhout how to cater for stressed-out but affluent visitors from the city. Issue date: 23 February 2007

Stop African horse sickness in its tracks

Issue date: 23 February 2007

Where animals and humans meet

In the third part of our habitat planning series, biologist and habitat designer Ben Breedlove exlains how to create optimal animal-human meeting points. Issue Date: 16 February 2007