A compassionate farmer

I refer to your article ‘Pigs reared on pastures and acorns’ (17 August, pg 50).

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It was also ‘heaven on earth’ for me when I walked into our local grocery shop last week and saw the cover of Farmer’s Weekly. I can’t help but look every day at the happy piggy on your cover. Pigs are so close to our DNA and still these intelligent creatures get abused, used, and forced to give birth in confined concrete areas so that people can enjoy their spare ribs on the braai. They don’t spare a single thought for how these animals have lived their short lives. It is on no one’s conscience where their food comes from.

I really applaud Charlie Crowther and upon reading the article I can see that it is not easy to farm in this way, but I feel that he is a compassionate farmer. Let’s hope that the abattoir is also up to standard. Well done Mr Crowther. It’s a pity that you, or your friend, the deli owner, are not close to Riebeek-Kasteel, as I would try some of your ham or prosciutto.