A new goat and sheep milk processors’ organisation

Goat and sheep milk processors joined forces in October to establish the Southern African Goat and Sheep Milk Processors’ Organisation (SAGS) at a meeting in Bloemfontein.
Issue date : 07 November 2008

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The main objective of the organisation is the promotion of a sustainable and economically viable industry, based on free-market principles.Sakkie Joubert, the newly elected president, said the organisation aims to promote and protect the interests of goat and sheep milk processors in the Ssouthern Aafrican region and to act as a coordinating body to the advantage of all the roleplayers in the value chain. Rina Belcher, the SAGS secretary, said consumer education will be a key driver of the organisation.

“We want to inform consumers about the unique nutritional and health benefits of goats and sheep’s milk and the products derived from them,” she explains, “Valuable research information, which can help consumers utilise the milk to their benefit exists and SAGS will make it available through a website.”

The phenomenal growth in demand for goats and sheep’s milk cheese and other products made from these types of milk is encouraging. Hhowever, processors are of the opinion that informed consumers can benefit from even more information about the products.”
SAGS will manage an existing product certification mark, which will indicate that the product consists of 100% goat’s milk. This will be of value to consumers with allergies. Aa similar mark is envisaged for sheep milk products.SA also has a code of practice, which contains all the necessary information for new or aspirant processors of goat or sheep’s milk. – Sonja Burger

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