About birthright

Hold onto what’s rightfully yours and don’t sell it for short-lived peace of mind.
Issue date : 19-26 December 2008

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Hold onto what’s rightfully yours and don’t sell it for short-lived peace of mind.
Angus Buchan 

If we look in the Bible, in Genesis 25:29, we read about twin brothers Esau and Jacob. Esau was born first and Jacob a couple of minutes later, so Esau was Isaac’s heir. But in a moment of weakness, desperation and hunger, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a piece of bread and some lentil soup. The Bible says Esau despised his birthright and so he gave it up.

In current times, I’d encourage all farmers to hold onto their birthright – that which is rightfully theirs – and not to sell it for short-lived peace of mind or a quick-fix because they will live to regret it, just like Esau did. He pleaded with his brother to get his birthright back, but Jacob became the heir of the people of Israel.

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Don’t act in desperation
Often in a moment of desperation we sell our farms, our herd of cattle, our fleet of tractors just to stem the tide, please creditors and keep the family happy, but think carefully, because it could be the worst decision you’ll ever make.
I remember an incident some years ago where a young man inherited a farm from his father that was completely paid off, with a cereal crop ripe to harvest. But he made a fatal mistake. A tractor salesman came to visit him and explained to him that he was going to pay an incredible amount of income tax on his bumper cereal crop, so it would be better for him to sell his complete fleet of tractors and buy a new fleet on hire-purchase beecause the interest rate was so low. Then he’d have cash in hand and  tax relief. So the farmer sold his tractors, which were working perfectly well and bought a brand new fleet. But the interest rate went sky high overnight, he couldn’t make the repayments and lost the new tractors and the farm.

Listen to our Heavenly Father
This is why it’s so important to hear the voice of our Heavenly Father. If you spend time daily in the word of God, it will be your guarantee you won’t make a poor decision. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you,” it says in Matt 6:33.

If there is one thing farming has taught me over the years, it’s patience. Anything done in haste is normally not of God. If in doubt, don’t. How many times has someone visited your farm and told you that if you take this deal today you’ll get a special price? You say you don’t have the money and they pressurise you. You say you can’t, and they come back and try again. Don’t allow that to happen. That’s what happened to Esau – hunger pressured him into making the worst decision of his life.
May God bless you as you farm in God’s way using God’s techniques, cutting your cloth according to your pocket, only buying what you can afford and not trading in your inheritance for something inferior.

Remember, farming is a privilege, so treat this lifestyle with the utmost appreciation. God Bless. – Angus Buchan     |fw