Blue Diamond: the jewel in Paul Pedro’s crown

Paul Pedro, Chairperson of Alberton Homing Society (Gauteng), needs no introduction.
Issue date : 01 August 2008

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Paul Pedro, Chairperson of Alberton Homing Society (Gauteng), needs no introduction. As well as being 2006’s Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation (TRPF) averages winner, his 2007 highlight is being the proud owner of Blue Diamond, a blue-barred hen, ring number 23051/2004, which the SA National Pigeon Organisation (SANPO) has named the Best Pigeon of the 2007 racing season. An excellent performance by a pigeon that participated in only eight TRPF races.

Blue Diamond is the second-best middle distance champion nationally. She was sired by a Schellens cock, mated to a Grondelaers hen. Both parents were purchased at City auctions for around R40 000 each. Paul obviously selected his purchases very well as three brothers to Blue Diamond, after limited racing, also excelled. 1087/06 is a Richmond Federation winner.

24395/06 won a Golden Reef Pigeon Association (GRPA) race. 15913/04 was injured early in the season and was not entered in any races for two months before the end of the racing season, but his earlier performances were enough to achieve the 17th Best Pigeon position in the Federation. Paul listed the factors that contributed to his excellent achievements as hard work, commitment, dedication and more hard work. Added to this are pigeons capable of competing against the many great athletes that grace the lofts of the top-class fanciers.

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Well-bred, fit, motivated and healthy flying athletes win races. Paul pays tribute to the late Doc Brymer, a legend in his own right and Paul’s mentor. As a 12-year-old Paul was privileged to race in partnership with the Doc as Brymer & Pedro, and had the opportunity to obtain vast knowledge from past masters. Paul emphasises pigeon racing depends on continual learning and striving to improve on each year’s performance. There’s absolutely no room for error. Pigeon racing in continues to improve in leaps and bounds annually. It’s common knowledge that fanciers have access to the best pigeons in the world, not only through the Sun City pigeon auctions, but also purchases from top lofts and breeding stations.

The remaining challenge is to continually acquire the best pigeons that are winning races at present. The next critical decision is: which combination will breed 2008’s gold medal winner? Paul’s annual racing performances testify to his success in breeding excellent pigeons. Competition within the TRPF remains fierce between, to mention but a few champions, Charlie Kerekes, Gys Louw, Sunday Monteiro and Arnay Morey. To achieve champion status, whether club, board or federation, it’s essential to keep pigeons in lofts that ensure racing form and good health.

These athletes need to be fed scientifically balanced food, and supplements and training must allow optimal performance. Paul reiterates that there’s no single magic potion – all these factors are critical. Paul is an asset to this sport, who totally involves himself administratively and gladly assists and advises fellow fanciers. Add humility to the mix and you’ve described Paul Pedro. Well done Paul – this is a great achievement! – André Koekemoer ((016) 421 1230). |fw