Compassion for Animals

Animals are a beautiful part of God’s creation. They are dependent on our kindness and compassion for their well-being. I believe animals have basic rights and want to talk for those who cannot talk for themselves.

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Farmers need to ensure that animals lead lives worth living, free of pain and fear. It is every consumer’s right to assume that the animal-derived food presented in supermarkets, has been reared and treated humanely from birth to death. Animals must be given the opportunity to enjoy life’s basic gifts of sunshine, soil, fresh air and the freedom to exercise their basic behaviors.

Dear farmer, if you were kept in a pen the size of your own body for months, have your food thrown on you automatically and you have to lie in your own stool (toilet), and you are inseminated time and time again to have babies and have to feed babies in that small space, and then being sent off to slaughterhouses where people kick you, shock you and throw you alive in boiling water because you can hardly move because of stiffness because your muscles is not used to moving – do you ever think about your actions, and the miserable life the animals are condemned too, or is the most important thing in your life the boss of our times (money).

If you had ever handled an animal yourself, you should know that they also feel pain and fear. The fate of animals in feedlots is also shocking. Standing and lying in their own toilet in all weather, without any roofs to prevent them from the harsh weather be it sun or water, hail. Thank you for people who can go undercover and reveal the wickedness of our world. I feel ashamed to be part of mankind, who call themselves civilized. There are still farmers who can be proud to be a farmer. Thank you for the many farmers who give animals their basic rights to live till the day they have to die.

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