Disturbing behaviour

Earlier this month I visited the Free State. On my way there I was disturbed by something I saw. So much so, it made me not want to continue my journey further.

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While driving I encountered a double-cab bakkie with a black guy sitting on the load bed and a white guy driving. But what made it worse was that it was about -2°C and there was no one occupying any of the passenger seats. In most cases you will see people driving with a dog on the front seat or even a box. Just looking at that took me back in time and I realised that there is still a seed of discrimination in this country.

My concern is this; in that specific incident the worker was treated like an animal, yet work on the farm is being done by him. Why is this still happening? Why is it that some farmers still treat black workers like trash? It is sad because we should move on and treasure the hard workers who help us get somewhere in life.

If we treat each other like used paper, we are going nowhere, and killing one another silently. I feel that a farmers’ union or social group should consider this type of thing. That black guy who drives the tractor at 5am or 6am should be treasured and given fair treatment like a human, not an animal. If we are believers in God, let’s treat each other with dignity because as a country we should build each other up, not destroy one another.

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