Diversification off the beaten track

‘In a novel way of diversifying from farming, Kevin created Kevard Adventures.’
Issue date 7 September 2007

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The market for recreational and sports-model quad bikes seems to have levelled off – it certainly isn’t increasing at the exponential rates of recent years. However, sales of utility models are still buoyant. This is why Yamaha chose to launch their new range at Kevard Adventures, based on a farm near Umzinto on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.
Founder of Kevard Adventures Kevin Cole farms sugarcane. He’s also a long-time fan of off-road bike and quad riding. In a novel way of diversifying from farming, Kevin created Kevard Adventures to provide a unique off-road riding experience for novice, intermediate and advanced riders, forefronting safety, respect for the environment and enjoyment for an unsurpassed riding experience.
Kevard Adventures organises regular rides throughout the year, as well as the annual Dumisa Charity Ride, which usually draws a field of over 400 and raises significant funds for local schools.

The two-day launch of the new Yamaha Utility range was specifically aimed at the farming community, so Kevard was an ideal venue. The first day was reserved for the press, which included three dedicated quad bike publications. After a demonstration of the new machines’ capabilities everyone was invited to test-drive them around a 4km track, over terrain with varying degrees of difficult obstacles. The riders were invited to pick a course they were confident about handling. Kevin briefed riders on safety and environmental friendliness, pointing out that this was a working farm and tractors had precedence.
The second day was for farmers and Yamaha dealer personnel, and turnout was excellent. The majority showed a keen interest in the Quadmaster implements and equipment on show, a range designed specifically for quad bikes. – Joe Spencer.

Contact Kevin Cole at Kevard Adventures on (039) 971 1615 or 082 326 731, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.kevard.co.za.

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Contact Peter Corkin of Yamaha on (031) 710 6434 or 082 777 7150, or e-mail [email protected].

For information on QuadMaster equipment contact Colin Scott on 033 330 6247 or
082 894 7712, e-mail [email protected] or visit www.quadmaster.co.za. |fw