Extension officers

As a newcomer to the Underberg area a decade ago, it interested me to know what our veld herbage consisted of and what available nutritional benefit could be enhanced by any alteration to habitual practice.

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Visitors suggested that the land was overgrazed by the previous owner. Korbus Botha and a most able assistant who I remember as ‘Nelson’ came from Howick. Nelson was due to become Extension Officer at Camperdown and I thought ‘ how well for them in the area.’ I learned a few years later that it was not possible to have a visit from an Extension Officer.

The future of South African farming appeared in the melting pot. If emerging farmers were able to receive the support that these two had at their finger-tips, there would be no worry about food security and the failure rate of farms transferred to native ownership would be minimal. I don’t know where you are now Korbus and Nelson but you sure left an impact on us from the thoroughness of your work and your meticulous attention to detail. For 1.- we ceased overgrazing the land. The vendor leased back the farm!