GM maize experiments

I am writing in response to the article by Wynand van der Walt entitled ‘GM maize at risk of rejection again’ (28 December, pg 29).

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In it he states that European biosafety institutions and scientists have rejected the results of the experiments conducted over two years on GM maize at Caen University. I find this utterly incomprehensible. I am of the opinion that findings of this nature most certainly warrant further investigation. The only conclusion that I can arrive at is that the noses of certain ‘authorities’ must be way out of joint. Or else they are on the payroll of the big biotech corporations.

The experiments conducted at Caen are of a standard which is a quantum leap ahead of anything that the proponents of GMOs have ever produced. All that GMO producers can claim is that those who have consumed GMOs which have been surreptitiously introduced into foods have not yet fallen over. I find the act of secretly spiking food with GMO to be utterly devoid of any morality. As far as I am concerned, those who indulge in this practice are not fit to do business with.

I do not give a hoot which ‘authority’ says it’s okay to consume GMOs. If they wish to consume them they are welcome to do so. I will not try to stop them. However, we, the consumer, will decide on what we purchase, and demand that all foodstuffs, including meat and poultry products, be properly labelled as to their GMO content.

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