Help them help you

Two articles in the media caught my attention recently. The first was the plight of farmers who are continually being murdered because the commandos were disbanded.

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Now the farming community is getting together and wants government to assist by supplying double-cab bakkies and petrol as they create a farm watch system on a rota system. Good for the farmers but there is a lot of territory to cover. Do they have enough manpower?

The second article was in the Sunday Times called “Boerestaat to Blikkiesdorp”. Now there must be thousands of ‘white’ people in the same predicament as those AWB ex-patriots. I think, with the aid of the agricultural unions, farmers associations and the media, one could trace these ‘poor white souls’ all over the country and with the help of the farmers with empty cottages on their farms, allow these people to live in the cottages free of charge and let them be part of the ‘farm watch’ system which will increase the number of people securing the various areas.

Farming is where food comes from and I am sure that the farmers in the different areas could pull together and contribute food to those people. One could go one step further and create a trust fund to pay them at least a small pittance for necessities. Or bring back the barter system. I realise that this is a momentous task, but if everybody was really serious about the security on farms, these people could be divided as befits the security of the different areas.

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