Most difficult way to make a living

We live in an economic system where the tail is wagging the dog.

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Labour leaders earn millions every month from membership fees, while labour legislation and salary increases resulted in the loss of 100 000 jobs during the first quarter of 2013. A quarter of the population is unemployed and this does not include those who have given up hope of ever being employed. South Africa’s labour force is the most militant and unproductive in the world, and for this reason it is too expensive. The time has to come for labour to accept that half-a-loaf is better than no bread at all.

Farming is the cornerstone of every country, but farmers have to be made, and are not born. This must include three to four years at an agricultural college or university, followed by seven to 10 years working for a successful farmer. Farming is notorious for generating a low return on investment. It is also very high risk and dependent on the climate. Government’s involvement in increasing minimum wages and changing legislation, all add up to frustrate the farmer. Successful farmers are those who continually develop themselves and not depend on handouts. Not many farmers’ sons want to farm because they know it is the most difficult way to make a living.