Pick ‘n Pay plans to sell organic products premium-free

Pick ‘n Pay could be looking into selling its organic fresh produce premium-free in the future.

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This is according to Peter Arnold, general manger of the newly opened Pick ‘n Pay on William Nicol Avenue in Hurlingham, Johannesburg. According to Arnold, the retail chain has always thought selling organically produced vegetables at a premium was wrong, and has worked hard to keep the prices as low as possible.

“We’ve made a cautious decision to try and keep organically produced vegetables prices close to conventionally produced ones,” said Arnold. He added that the market for organically produced products could be a lot bigger than it already is, but that it’s limited by supply.

He said they were working with their suppliers on ways to increase the supply of organic produce to Pick ‘n Pay stores. Besides offering a wide range of organic products, the new Hurlingham store also marks a turning point in sustainable architecture for South African retail stores.

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“The store successfully combines a natural design offering aesthetic ambience, energy efficiency and responsible use of natural resources,” said Arnold. The store opened its doors for business a few weeks ago.