Pigeon racing for the public

The Platfontein Charity Derby is held in honour of Dries Basson, a pigeon fancier from Platfontein Farm, Mpumalanga.
Issue date : 10 October 2008

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The Platfontein Charity Derby is held in honour of Dries Basson, a pigeon fancier from Platfontein Farm, Mpumalanga. Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Uncle Dries is a light in the lives of his friends and family, and we are all praying for him. The race is held in honour of his contribution to the sport and in celebration of his courage. F anciers, business and members of the public are hereby invited to enter or buy a 2008 baby racing pigeon at the Middelveld Pigeon Union’s (MPU) Platfontein Derby Auction on 11 October.

The birds will be loft-and road-trained for the final 680km race on 22 August next year, where they can win one of two brand new 1400 Nissan bakkies and loads of cash prizes. You’ll also be doing your share for a charity of your choice. T he event is organised by TM Racing Pigeon Club at Middelburg, headed by chairperson, Pieter Goosen. The chief coordinator is Mark Vorster and the auctioneer will be Hannes Judeel. he venue is the Middelburg Country Club. pigeons will be dressed in feathers – you can remain smart/casual. Fanciers can enter newly weaned racing pigeons for a non-refundable R300 each. All babies must have a 2008 identity ring and be matured, in terms of eating properly.

Any number may be entered/bought. Babies are to be penned between 7:30am and 10am, and the auction will start at 2pm. A nyone can participate in the bidding. Members of the public will be assisted with the auction procedures. Once you’ve bought a bird, you need to nominate an MPU member as a “trainer” to race and home it for you – the organisers will gladly help. E ach bird will be photographed, receive a name, and be tattooed and DNA-sampled. They’ll also be wing-stamped, which the trainers need to renew once the stamped information is eliminated by feather moult. ach club will also donate a baby for the charity incentive. On entry, participants may nominate a charity of their choice, which will receive the proceeds from the bird, minus 10% to the MPU and auction costs.

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Some nominated charities include the SPCA, Hospice and Bethesda Paraplegic School. charity coordinator is Tania Herbst. I n a similar manner, each club affiliated to the MPU will also enter two babies with the proceeds going to the club funds. ll other auction proceeds, minus 10% and auction costs, will be allocated towards prize money in the Platfontein Charity Derby. Only birds bought at the auction will be eligible for the final race next year. SA National Pigeon Organisation rules will apply. Prize-winning pigeons will be tested for banned substances, subject to disqualification. he winning pigeon will win a bakkie each for the breeder and the buyer.

 If the buyer is not the trainer, the two must negotiate a private arrangement, preferably in writing. organisers will not be involved in private disputes. he organisers anticipate cash prizes for the next 10 positions, depending on the number of entries and the auction’s net proceeds. There’ll also be cash prizes of at least R5 000 for two of the longer prefinal training flights, or hot spots. – Thomas Smit ([email protected] or call (011) 680 4778). |fw