Programme which is grafted for looting ‘Masibuyele Emasimini” by EG Thwala

What was the objective behind the establishment of this programme?

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This question dominates my brain.dardla with Masibuyele emasimini programme has failed above the level of failing and the worse part is that the MEC is blind to realize that the programme is not assisting farmer’s of mpumalanga instead it exploits them.

We cannot allow a condition where we will have a group of people emerging for more than ten years, if it was up to me was going to refrain from calling them emerging farmers and call the future farmers.when a farmer sow a seed of a Zea mys it will never take ten years to emerge, masibuyele emasimini has benefited those who are close with the premier, HOD and MEC, you name them.

If we strongly want to develop agriculture in mpumalanga and we want to sustain the sector,our leaders must refrain from exploiting us,you see you cannot tell the world that you assisting farmer’s to grow and develop with one bag of fertilizer and expect the farmer to incorporate it into 20Ha,that’s impossible.they purchased huge tractor’s that are not suitable for our farms and this tractors compact our soil,it proves that they hold narrow experience in this sector.

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The government must draft a model of assisting the farmer’s and began by assisting few farmer’s with all the neccessary needs,if 10 farmer’s can be a priority where thy can receive seeds,fertilizer’s,capital,mentoship and be aided with market once,the following term thy assist other ten i think this programme can be fruitful,currently the government is cann ot move without knowing where your destination is and when are you going to reach it.