Saving power by increasing efficiency

The Power Saving Company, based in Midrand, has just released remarkable electricity saving technology onto the South African market
Issue date 14 September 2007

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The Power Saving Company, based in Midrand, has just released remarkable electricity saving technology onto the South African market. Simple and straightforward to use and completely maintenance-free, the CE-certified plug-in Saving Box and Saver Saint can save up to 35% of the electricity used by a household, workshop, office or factory. How they work A ll AC electrical supply is subject to periodic power surges, causing spikes that appliances can’t use as working power. These consume electricity uselessly. Worse, they cause overheating, reducing the life of appliances and wiring, and in extreme cases lead to burns, blowouts and power cuts. The Power Saving Company’s devices use special capacitors to stabilise the flow of electricity. This reduces spikes in the supply, protecting appliances against surges. It also improves power usage efficiency by reducing the reactive power generated by inductive loads, even non-linear loads, reducing the electricity bill by 15% on average and up to 35%.

These devices also improve safety by reducing overheating and extend the lifespan of appliances and valuable electronic equipment like computers, televisions and sound equipment. O ne unit manages the entire mains circuit of a house. Field testing in a typical home consistently showed savings of between 3kW and 4kW per day, based on electrical consumption of 30kW per day. The amount saved depends on the type of appliance, how long it’s used for and the location. Savings can be higher at places near shops, restaurants and light industries, where voltage is unstable and fluctuating. Where voltage is particularly unstable, savings can reach 30% or higher. Two units for different applications The Electricity Saving Box stabilises voltage and reduces the current by supplying electricity at the required load. It enhances the power efficiency of electrical appliances, avoids waste and helps extend the life of electrical appliances. can handle voltage fluctuations between 90V and 240V at frequencies between 50Hz and 60Hz, and up to 15kW of power.

The Saver Saint (28kW) is more powerful than the Electricity Saving Box, with more functions. It stabilises electric current and provides additional protection from high peaks and low dips in voltage, even inhibiting non-linear electricity. oxidises the carbon atoms which accumulate on electrical wire and drain electricity. The units were designed in Germany and are manufactured in China. In 2004, after increasing electricity shortages, the Chinese government and its technical advisers decided to focus not only on generating more electricity, but also on using it more efficiently. To promote the development of electricity-saving products, a government-sponsored meeting was held in 2005 to evaluate different energy-saving products. The Electricity Saving Box was selected and subsequently received the Excellent Green Environment-Friendly Product award, affirming it as a National Class product and a leader in the ranks of home electricity-saving products. Contact Auriel Mitchley on (011) 889 0796 or e-mail [email protected]. |fw

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