The art of stirfrying

First, the equipment. Ideally buy a wok, this is the definitive stirfry pot which also doubles as a serving dish. That’s two items for the cost of one with high speed washing up to match.

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To make a beef stirfry for four diners, you will need:
800g rump steak
8 spring onions
100mm fresh root ginger
1 punnet of baby mealies
Canola or sunflower oil
Light soya sauce
Oyster sauce
Old Brown Sherry
Freshly ground black pepper
500g capellini (angelhair) pasta

A skottel is a 80% substitute. Not impossible, but not perfect. Next heat. Stirfrying has been described as “drama with high heat.” The high heat in my case comes from a low pressure gas ring which produces a towering inferno on demand. A stainless steel slotted spoon completes the kit.Next, the condiments.

Buy Kikkoman soya sauce since it is the best. And no, I am not on their payroll. For cooks who need to watch their salt intake, Kikkoman produce a low sodium soya sauce. Oyster sauce is the generic name for a variety of branded oyster sauces. Brands packed in Hong Kong or Singapore have worked well for me.

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Now for the raw stuff. With a Chinese cleaver or standard heavy cook’s knife cut the rump into uniform strips about 5mm thick. This ensures quick and even cooking in due course. Mix 20ml Old Brown Sherry and 20ml soya sauce and pour into a mixing bowl.

Add the sliced rump and mix it up ensuring that all surfaces of the meat are lightly coated in marinade. Cover and reserve while you continue with the preparation.Prepare the pasta according to the instructions on the packet. Cut the spring onions into 10mm sections with the white and green bits in separate bowls. Peel and finely chop the ginger. Cut the baby mealies into quarters, lengthwise. In a small jug mix 60ml oyster sauce and 60ml soya sauce.

Fire up the wok or skottel. Pour in 60ml to 100ml canola oil and bring up to smoking high heat. Pour in the minced ginger and stirfry for 30 seconds. Pour in the white bits of the spring onion and stirfry for 30 seconds. Add the meat and stirfry this for two minutes. Remember to keep the contents moving at all times, using the slotted spoon as the stirring device.

Add the baby mealies and stirfry aggressively for 30 seconds. Pour in the oyster and soya sauce mixture, stir well, then lower the heat. After 30 seconds cut the heat entirely. Sprinkle over the green bits of the spring onions and stir well into the mixture.Place a generous portion of capellini on each plate and top with the stirfried beef and spoon a little of the sauce over the top. While chopsticks are a lot of fun, knives and forks do a better job. Ice cold Windhoek lager gives this meal ten star status.