The non-latex bacteriostatic glove

The aqua salveo man Glove is an alcohol-free, long-acting, hand-sanitising gel.
Issue date : 05 December 2008

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The aqua salveo man Glove is an alcohol-free, long-acting, hand-sanitising gel. Used as a first line of defence, it almost instantly protects the user against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Its protection does not diminish after it has dried on the skin. a second line of defense, the bacteriostatic agents in the formula will sustain its efficiency for up to seven hours, repelling most soil and damaging agents even after a 30-second wash under running water. Generally the problem with gloves is that they create the impression that good hygiene standards are maintained, but actually make a limited contribution. Gloved hands become contaminated just like uncovered hands.

A gloved worker can start a whole cycle of contamination with a single touch of any contaminated surface. He or she becomes a carrier that could in a relatively short period cause serious damage. The Human Glove is used by applying 3ml to 5ml directly to the hands. Ensure that it’s worked in well between the fingers and under the nails. Reapply after each hand-wash. When used as directed, it’s absorbed by the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and the gel forms a robust protective shield on the skin within a minute, merging with the epidermis to repel a wide range of potential threats that could contaminate the skin. It inhibits the stripping of natural oils from the skin, retains moisture and allows the skin to breathe and perspire naturally. It contains no alcohol and all the ingredients in the matrix barrier are of the highest cosmetic grade.

 As it protects the skin against allergens, it can be worn under latex gloves when mechanical skin protection is needed. The active ingredients – a polymer base, lauryl ether sulphate, stabilised glutaraldehyde 0,2% and the bacterial agent Irgasan DP300 0,3% – comply with the benchmark for cosmetics and continuous use. They prevent cross-contamination and transfer of pathogenic bacteria such as coliforms in food preparation and are safe to use in the food processing and service industry. Hands also retain their tactile ability, which is impossible with gloves. If stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, the shelf-life is one year.

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Its wide range of uses and users include the following: hikers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, paramedics, emergency response teams, home-based care workers where little or no water is available, bankers and retailers working with money, disaster management teams, soldiers in operational areas, policemen and firemen, healthcare professionals, where there are epidemic threats of avian influenza. The Human Glove is manufactured in an international accredited ISO 9000 manufacturing facility. It’s available in 125ml PE bottles for R38,99 from Convergence World on For more information contact Auriel Mitchley on (011) 889 0796 or e-mail [email protected]. |fw