The problem with trade unions & strikes

In our society we have trade unions and we have strikes. Factory workers, mine workers and even agricultural labourers usually belong to a union. And I don’t blame them, it’s the nature of man.

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A question I would like to ask our readers is this: what is the effect of these unions on SA? Firstly, it causes man to lose his initiative to work hard, because instead of trying to impress the employer with hard work, he now only calls a strike, forcing the employer by law to give his workers more money at an economic loss.

Secondly, in a strike nothing gets done, but the employer is forced to keep his selfish and lazy workers because they claim to own the job at which they refuse to work. This makes it quite impossible for hard-working men to replace them. So now the people who really need the job, and are willing to work for meagre wages, are left out. In a strong and free economy you want the hardest working people in the place where they should be, that is, in employment!

Thirdly, when trade unions forcibly and unnaturally drive up wages, companies are forced to hire less people, thus hindering expansion. Cheaper labour encourages companies and businesses to expand, creating more jobs and furthering investment. Trade unions hinder economic expansion, period! In a real free market economy, competition will naturally keep wages were they should be.

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For example, a worker is worth R4 000 per month. His employer tries to exploit him by only paying him R1 000 per month. But because of competition, some company will hire him for R1 600 per month and will still make a profit. Then another for R2 500, still in search of a profit, until they have chased it back up to R4 000. That is the worker’s worth.

The key to success is working like a man, and not waiting for trade unions to satisfy your envy. Unions and strikes are definitely not good for SA’s economy and are only dragging it further into the mud of socialism and the lies of communism. Let’s see South Africa work again!