Time is not an issue

The interview by Susan Botes with Nicolette Hall on the consumption of sheep meat (5 April, pg 38) refers.

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While appreciating obviously well-intentioned product promotion, I have to comment on the statement regarding easy to cook items. It was said that ‘no working mother has the time (or money) to stand for hours in the kitchen preparing a leg of lamb’.
Now I am neither cook nor housewife, being just a retired sheep farmer, but do know enough about food preparation to take exception to the time issue. (The ‘money’ is a valid point but totally unrelated to the time factor and therefore need not be discussed further).

My wife has been preparing and serving delicious legs of lamb for over 50 years and assures me it will take not longer than, at most, 10 minutes in the kitchen to carry out this simple procedure and pop it into a preheated oven.

Much ado about mutton‘ by Susan Botes

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