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Farmer’s Weekly brings you the latest crop farming news and updates from South Africa and the rest of the world.


Pannar’s quality seeds ensure a prosperous future

At NAMPO 2023, Pannar’s team of experts will be available to help farmers determine which maize hybrid seed with PowerCore™ technology best suits their farm for the next growing season.

Fruit sector research: power-generating trees, solar nets, and more!

Soaring energy and labour costs have sparked research into new production practices in the fruit industry. Calla du Toit, procurement manager at Tru-Cape, spoke to Glenneis Kriel about these developments.

Fertilising cucurbits: how much to apply and when to do it

Fertiliser is expensive, so it’s important to start with a soil analysis, and to get the balance right, says Bill Kerr.

Preventing and controlling diseases of sunflowers

Diseases of sunflowers, such as brown rust and head rot, can cause severe economic losses for farmers. Janine Ryan looks at the signs of these and other diseases that can help farmers to identify them, as well as some control and prevention strategies.

Minor cucurbit pests

Bill Kerr looks at the leaf miner, cucurbit ladybird beetle and African bollworm, all of which, despite being minor pests, can cause damage.vd

Dealing with weeds in cucurbits

Uncontrolled weeds can rob pumpkins and other cucurbits of the nutrients they need for a good yield. Yet weeds can also protect pumpkins at a later phase in their growth, says Bill Kerr.

Defeat Liriomyza leaf miner without paying a cent

Leaf miners are a serious threat to tomato plants. Yet tiny parastic wasps are on hand to help bring their numbers down. All it requires is a bit of patience from farmers, says Bill Kerr.

Surviving the troughs of the blueberry market

Three years ago, few would have foreseen that blueberry prices would plunge by more than 50%, forcing many investors to the brink of collapse. Berry farmer Luan Swart of Mpumalanga explained his strategies for weathering the storm to Lindi Botha.

The award-winning cucumber farmer who’s focused on the future

Planning and forward thinking are important in farming, says Kobela Mokgohloa, the owner of Korema Farm in Winterveldt near Pretoria. He spoke to Magda du Toit about how he grew his cucumber production, as well as his plans for the future.

Transform maize production with Pannar’s PowerCore™ technology

Farmers can reclaim their power by integrating powerful insect-resistant seed traits in their maize crop production, thanks to Pannar's PowerCore™ technology

Cucurbits: A fascinating history of cultivation for over 11 000 years

These much-loved vegetables, which are technically fruits, were among the earliest cultivated crops in the world, says Bill Kerr.

Plant health: Protect your canola from blackleg

With blackleg being amongst the worst diseases of canola, South African researchers are conducting trials to find the most resistant cultivars and most effective fungicides for local conditions. Dr Gert van Coller of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture offers advice on control of the disease.