Ultra fertiliser blend drastically boosts soya yield

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Soya bean production in South Africa has increased drastically over the last decade, reaching a record production area in 2022/23. During this season, the area planted to soya exceeded that of yellow maize.

Ultra fertiliser blend drastically boosts soya yield
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The focus of research in South Africa has moved along with this trend. The success of every commercial crop lies in the knowledge that the producer has at his or her disposal, together with innovative practices that effectively improve the production of the crop. At Kynoch, the focus is on innovation and yield promotion to add value to the producer’s agribusiness.

Micro-elements and their function in soya beans

During the past decade, plant nutrition has focused a lot on micro-element nutrition as well as macro-element nutrition. Various studies locally and internationally indicate a significant soya bean yield response as a result of micro-element applications. Table 1 focuses on micro-elements that can make a significant difference in production.

Table 1: Micro-elements and their function in soya beans

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Element Function
Zn (Zinc) Chlorophyll production, synthesis of nucleic acids, increased auxin metabolism
B (Boron) Carbohydrate formation, pollen integrity and germination, cell wall, and plant metabolism
Cu (Copper) Nitrogen and hormone metabolism, chlorophyll production, seed production, prevention of fungal diseases
Mn (Manganese) Increased activation of enzymatic processes, effective protein synthesis, and increased nitrate reduction
Mo (Molybdenum) Increased phosphorus and iron metabolism, reduction of nitrates, nitrogen fixation
Fe (Iron) Chlorophyll production and catalysts in cell division
Co (Cobalt) Nitrogen fixation, overall plant growth (stem formation)


Micro-element uptake and movement

When the effectiveness of micro-element application is considered, it is clear that pre-plant application is highly effective. Almost all essential microelements for soya bean production (B, Cu, Mn, Mo, and Co) are mainly dominated by mass-flow uptake by the roots. The effectiveness of nutrient uptake is directly dependent on the number, volume, length, and distribution of plant roots, namely the dry root mass. If the above is managed effectively, the absorption of all nutritional elements can be improved.

Overview of the Ultra Range

Most systems are limited to pre-plant, during-plant, and/or one top-dress application of fertiliser. The focus of the Ultra series is to achieve the most effective application of micro-elements on soya beans, that is, close to the seed.

The Ultra concept is available in a wide range of fertiliser blends, which can include nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulphur. Micro-elements are placed on granules in nano-fine form. Nano-fine means that the contents of the coating are fine enough to be absorbed directly by the plants roots. Micro-elements are placed on each granule of the fertiliser blend to ensure that plant uptake can take place optimally.


Soya beans are known for their excellent growth response to micronutrient application. Along with micronutrient nutrition, sulphur is critical in the fertilisation programme. In Table 2, core trial data is shown.

Table 2: The effect of various fertiliser blends on the yield of soya beans

Product Yield (kg/ha) Yield Increase (kg/ha) ROI (%)
1.2.4 3 277    
1.2.4 + 5% S 3 580 303 6
Ultra 1.2.4 + 5% S 3 854 577 86

ROI (%) – Return on investment

Clearly, the inclusion of micro-elements, together with sulphur, in the fertiliser blend made a dramatic positive difference in yield. The results are again highlighted in the return on investment. The plant mix with sulphur delivered a 6% return on investment, while the Ultra series delivered a whopping 86% return on investment. It is clear that the Ultra series effectively supplies the plant with the necessary micro- and macro-elements without increasing the risk of production.


With a large-scale shift to the production of soya beans, it is important to reduce risk more effectively and increase the potential for yield. With the proven Ultra approach, innovation is at your doorstep. The Ultra approach offers a range of plant nutrition elements in one package for efficient and effective value addition to soya bean production.

Call your nearest Kynoch agronomist or representative today about your specific needs. The Ultra Way is a phenomenal way!


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Article compiled by Ruan Gagiano, email: [email protected] or call: 082 460 1773.