Fresh Produce global round-up

Occasionally, I like to break away from the norm and take a look at the bigger picture of fresh produce trading globally.
Here are some snippets gleaned from recent industry publications.

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Potato producers concerned about drops in price – Potato producers from the Spanish municipality of Tardajos, in Burgos, one of the country’s largest potato producers, are concerned about the price drops affecting this product, which has gone from 15c/kg to just  13c/kg, reports This is while the price of potatoes in supermarkets is increasing.

The cost of inputs such as pesticides is higher than the profit producers make, said one grower. This year’s harvest in Burgos is estimated at 300 000t, compared with more than 450 000t in previous seasons.

Comment: I assume the price quoted is in US cents. At an exchange rate of R1: US$10, that equates to R1,30/kg, or R13 for a 10kg pocket. If my calculation is wrong, will somebody please correct me, because I think it’s scandalous that growers should be paid this amount.

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New Zealand
Strong start for avocado exports – The first New Zealand avocados hit supermarket shelves in Japan in October, signalling a buoyant start to export sales. Opening prices in Australia were also good, says grower group Avoco, which predicts that export sales will top $50 million in all markets through to August 2014. The supply of rival Mexican avocados is lower, allowing Avoco’s international export brand to start early-season negotiations in Japan at significantly improved market prices.

Comment: So they don’t only play rugby in New Zealand!

And in South Africa
Produce industry leaders to meet in Cape Town – By the time you read this, leaders from the entire international fresh-fruit supply chain will have met in Cape Town for the annual Eurofruit Congress Southern Hemisphere. Topics covered included the impact of the move toward consolidation in the supply chain, the potential effects of Asia’s economic rise and recent trends in SA’s produce export industry.

Comment: Watch this space!