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Can marigolds really control eelworm?

Studies have found that marigolds increase the populations of nematode-trapping fungi, and other fungi that attack and destroy eelworm eggs.

More about credit sales

Last week I gave A broad view of the issues surrounding credit sales on fresh-produce markets.
Tunnel farming with cucumbers methods for success

Tunnel farming with cucumbers methods for success

Moving from 600ha in Underberg to a 2ha tunnel farm in Margate involved a major leap of faith for Lewis and Charmaine Alcock. Today, they have reach peak production with tunnel farming with cucumbers.

Marigolds don’t control eelworm

Reading about using marigolds to suppress eelworms piqued my curiosity, so when the opportunity arose, I tried it for myself.

Understanding nitrogen fertilisation in vegetables – part 3

Different vegetables require a "push" at different stages, which is why it is important to understand how nitrogen works in the soil, and its subsequent availability.

Why the commission system?

The debate about which is more desirable, commission- or wholesale-selling of fresh produce, has bounced around the industry for years.

Nitrates versus ammonia: get nitrogen your veg can use

Many farmers apply nitrogen in the form of ammonia and can’t figure out why the crop doesn’t respond. It’s important to understand that, while plants can take up ammonia, most ammonia will be unavailable because of its position in the soil.

Understanding nitrogen fertilisation in vegetables – part 1

Of all the plant nutrients, nitrogen has the greatest influence on the success of any crop. While a shortage of any element will be a limiting factor, its effect on crop performance will be related to its function, importance and shortage.

Taking your sweet potatoes through to maturity

Even though sweet POTATOES are a generally low-care crop, some pests can cause a complete wipe-out. You need to do regular inspections and know what to look for.

Getting it right with sweet potatoes

You could say sweet potatoes are easier to grow than weeds. The important thing is to keep the planting material disease-free.

Don’t ignore the small guys

I suppose it’s human nature – or is it just greed for people to favour big clients?

Food for Africa!

Africa is the third fastest growing region in the world after Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. Since 2000 some 90 million Africans have moved to cities, and the continent now has as many cities as Europe.

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