Who will best serve our markets?

Prior to previous elections, I’ve taken the opportunity to offer what I thought was wise counsel concerning the upgrading of SA’s fresh produce markets.

Sadly, no president to date has seen fit to accept my advice. They seemed to prefer making empty promises over the mundane business of improving markets as part of a national food security plan. But, ever the optimist, I decided this time to address the incumbent president as well as other political parties. When it comes to President Jacob Zuma (JZ), I have to say I feel Nkandla represented a wasted opportunity for both JZ and the betterment of markets.

Added upliftment
I understand that part of the extensive development at Nkandla included a cattle kraal and chicken run. Even though JZ knew nothing about what was going on with his very own residence, someone should have added a fresh produce market to his agricultural infrastructure. It would have added so much to the upliftment of the local community.

Turning to the DA and the ‘Three Sisters’, I wonder what they can do for our markets. Zille, De Lille and Mazibuko might be a formidable trio but will they come up with a constructive plan to uplift markets? Do they even know markets exist? Then we come to Malema of the Economic Freedom Front. Here we have somebody who – if his sequestration doesn’t get in the way – could transport the country back 100 years with his tired socialist dogma. But hey, it’s likely to garner some votes, and that’s all that really counts.

Outmoded ideals
Motor Mouth would no doubt nationalise the markets and spread their perceived bounty among the ‘people’ until the markets collapse and become monuments to his outmoded political ideals. Of all the party leaders, Malema should have some idea of what a market is – after all, he did grow cabbages during his brief stint in the political wilderness after falling out with JZ and company.

Doesn’t that eminently qualify him to know all about markets and what’s best for them?

Watch this space!