Management: Managing your time

Time waits for no one. Time is also money, so it’s a resource you must use wisely, says Susan Pletts.

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“Managing your time” isn’t just about knowing what you’re going to be doing today. It’s also about your seasonal, annual, and long-term planning. My business students once asked why I made them write down where they wished to be in five years’ time. But as I told them, you’ll only reach a long-term goal through achieving short-term goals.

Think of a stepladder. You’ll only reach the top – your long-term vision – by stepping on each of the ladder’s rungs – your short-term goals. And, in turn, short-term goals are only achieved through proper planning. This means writing down your daily tasks and ticking them off as you complete them.

This is all the more important since time is money. Every moment wasted is money wasted – and we can never ask for a refund! Lost time is lost forever. As the farm owner/manager you should be the first person awake every morning to direct the farming operations.

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