Towards happy, healthy hens!

To keep the eggs coming, make sure your hens stay healthy.

Towards happy, healthy hens!
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If you buy point-of-lay pullets from a reputable producer for your small egg operation, the pullets will have been vaccinated against all major diseases, and there is no need to buy vaccines. Here are some useful tips on keeping chickens healthy:

Adaption: To help the hens adapt quickly to their new home, give them Stresspack in their drinking water when they arrive.

Sudden outbreak: If there is a sudden outbreak of a poultry disease such as Newcastle disease in your area, immediately vaccinate all hens against the disease.

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Lice: If the hens get lice, treat them with Karbadust powder.

Wild birds: Try to keep wild birds away from the hens and their feed, as they spread disease.

Make sure the hens have access to the following:

  • Clean, fresh, cool water. Wash the water bottles at least once a month;
  • Enough fresh feed. Throw wet, mouldy or rotten feed away;
  • Shelter from the sun, rain and cold.
  • Finally, make your cage strong enough to carry nine to 12 hens. It must be 120cm long by 70cm wide by 45cm high.

The floor must be made of welded mesh so that the hens’ droppings will fall through. This ensures that the floor stays clean.

Source: Directorate Animal and Aqua Production Services, department of agriculture.