Animal rightists

Notice has been given that A a referendum will occur in a month’s time. A growing number of elderly lions, leopards and hyenas have found it increasingly difficult to hunt successfully.

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The easy life they enjoyed since the first democratic election for animals in 2094 has taken its toll. It made them overweight and robbed them of their fitness. Although humans are inferior to most animals when it comes to running, these old, overweight carnivores can only manage to catch a few elderly trophy humans. So they have solved the problem by arranging to have some young, succulent human males with full manes penned in small enclosures where they can corner and kill them easily.

But the herbivores, under the leadership of the aloof giraffes, are up in arms about this. They argue that the intelligence of these humans is of such a nature that it is unacceptable to utilise them in such a deplorable way; in any case, the carnivores should, like all civilised animals, eat grass and leaves, not meat. It is suspected by the carnivores that the crazy human rightist movement is behind this and under the constitution they demand a referendum which, as a minority, they would probably lose, although they used to rule over the herbivore majority in the good old days.

Arm – animal rightist maniacs?

Sounds like a page from Animal Farm? Perhaps, but this is actually a caricature of the utopia of the animal rightist movement (Arm) – a well-funded, worldwide, ideology network with two military wings called the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front, classified by the FBI as ecoterrorist organisations. This dangerous octopus was hatched in the US and isn’t always green, but can change its colour to make it difficult to recognise. Especially active in the US where its cover has been blown, its disciples have since 1996 been responsible for damage of at least US million in over 600 attacks on targets perceived to be violating its aims.

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In other parts of the world it operates more subtly by using its considerable resources to derail sustainable conservation projects and attempts to infiltrate and undermine international wildlife institutions and national environmental NGOs. It influences decision-makers and governments, and uses its propaganda machine to alter the opinions of laypersons to think in line with its viewpoint and aims.

The doctrine it preaches is administered in small, subtle doses that sounds reasonable in isolation, especially to a gullible audience that has lost contact with the realities of wildlife. Many people that are genuinely concerned about the effect of an exploding human population upon the dwindling natural resources of the world are influenced to shift their focus to the plight of wild animals instead of the environment on which they depend. Their resulting aversion towards the killing of wild animals can soon be diverted to all animals, including those produced in stock farming.

Supplemented with liberal doses of healthy lifestyle propaganda, it forms the justification and motivation for the vegetarian lifestyle of many. These converts are now ready to form the basis for the public support of the animal rightists whenever a wildlife issue arises.

This colour-changing octopus comes in many shapes, such as Green Peace and Beauty Without Cruelty and it has more than eight tentacles which radiate in all directions that affect our daily lives. It is therefore crucial that we take note of the ultimate aims of the movement and carefully consider where we pledge our support on issues impacting on hunting, fishing, elephant or seal culling.

From what I’ve seen lately, I’m convinced that Arm has already succeeded to a great extent to hi-jack the environmental affairs department, including its minister, to implement its objectives through legislation, even though in many cases it violates our constitutional rights. The worst that we, as field sports people, can do to ensure that the animal rightists achieve their ultimate aim, is to stay quiet and do nothing. – Abré J Steyn. Contact Abré J Steyn on 083 235 4822.