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Agriculture leaders must ‘uithaal en wys’

Mr Organised Agriculture Chairman: complacency is a dangerous thing. Don’t underestimate the value of your support base. Do not lose contact with your membership on a local level.

Cellphones and the Internet are great, but…

The world really has become a village. I’ve been on a virtual trip through southern Africa the past few months that’s been mind-boggling.

Will sanity prevail this year?

I don’t have any new resolutions for 2013, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t dream about a South Africa filled with love, light and laughter.

Friersdale’s prize-winning library

Friersdale in the Northern Cape is a small hamlet on the banks of the Orange River, roughly between Keimoes and Kakamas.

A Free State Christmas braai

How I wish I could have invited all of you to the real Vrystaat Christmas braai we’ve just had. Especially after the rains, it was a particularly festive occasion for all the members of the community.

Hoping against hope

Let me tell you what true helplessness is. It’s not merely an emotion or a feeling – it’s something palpable, something you can see and smell, and hear.

Agri-labour unrest – enough fighting talking!

Cheap politicking is a terrible thing. Cheap politicking coupled with ineptitude is even worse.

Seek out SA’s good news

The other day, one of my friends challenged me about the negative tone of my blog, saying my complaints have become so predictable.

In love with the Namib

How is it possible that a vast expanse of rock and sand, and very little else, can utterly captivate one’s heart, never to let it go again?

To life!

Oh, the joy of the first springs rains after a dark, cold winter!

How much more can we take?

“South African agriculture is a healthy, vibrant industry, and will remain so if we only keep the politicians and politics out of the business.

Shame on you, Mpumalanga!

What the hell were officials from Mpumalanga’s department of agriculture thinking when they left Drakensberger stud animals at its research facility near Ermelo without food and water?