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A bittersweet childhood memory turned into seven years of an inspiring and challenging journey.

Lack of land

Human settlement and lack of accountability threaten the availability of land in Kgabalatsane.
It took three deaths before a North West municipality prioritised an ongoing issue. It was solved in a day.

Plough for more

The health promotion levy (HPL) on the sugar content of sweetened beverages will be announced by Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba in his budget speech for the 2018/2019 financial year.
South African maize producers are sceptical about the National Crop Estimates Committee’s (CEC) latest maize harvest approximation of 12,35 million tons.
The annual ‘grain parliament’, as the yearly Grain SA congress is often referred to, takes place on Wednesday and Thursday (2-3 March) this week at Nampo Park near Bothaville.
While events are being held around the world to celebrate World Rhino Day 2015 today (22 September) to raise awareness of rhino poaching, the celebration at SA’s Isimangaliso Wetland Park...
As the wet weather conditions start to clear up, Eskom said it did not foresee any further load shedding.
Consumers need a better understanding of agriculture for them to fully appreciate farmers.
Too few SA youngsters are interested in agriculture as a career. Puso Segoe feels this is due to farmers failing to expose their children to farming from an early age....
Many farm workers enjoy perks which improve their living conditions. The new minimum wage may mean a loss of benefits and jobs in the agricultural sector. Robyn Joubert reports.

Hands-on grass farming

It’s a hard day’s work for the team as livestock farmer Gary Mitchell runs his commercial Drakensbergers and stud Dorpers in the KZN Midlands with minimal labour.
Evergreen agriculture combines conservation farming and agroforestry to create what proponents call an 'out of the box solution' to increase crop yield, improve soil, make better use of scarce rainwater...
Much controversy has surrounded South Africa’s poultry imports from the US. Freelance journalist, Peter Fabricius, examines this thorny issue and attempts to clarify some misconceptions.
Not all cuts of beef are considered equal, and where in the world you eat your steak also determines how much you pay. Namibian farming economics consultant Dr Helmke Sartorius...
We all know the traditional image of prawns: palid specimens covered in red goo, heaped in a sundae glass dish or even a wineglass. Oh, I nearly forgot the ‘bed...
I received emails from Vincent in KwaZulu-Natal and Thambo in the Transkei. Both have the same problem as most of us in South Africa: limited finances.

A lamb & chilli fix

For some diners the electric tingle of chilli is as essential as salt and pepper. And for this cook, one of the best ways to get your daily chilli fix...
I was invited to Pongola to help choose a site and design a new home for Ria and Gippie. They had recently been paid out for their land claim farm...
My family and I are considering building a home on a piece of land and would like some assistance with a basic sketch and dimensions, so we can get a...

A cozy retirement

Dear Jonno, I am looking to put up a small house on my brother-in-law's farm outside Lusaka.
Inadequate and slow service delivery, tight regulations, increased imports and high feed costs are contributing to an increasingly sluggish poultry industry in KwaZulu-Natal. Despite this, opportunities do exist.
Unfortunately, the developmental disease osteochondritis dissecans is quite common and can cause your horse severe discomfort.

All about the leg wrap

Leg wraps will protect your horse, especially while travelling, but if not applied properly they can do damage. Learn how to do them properly.

Bringing back the Afrino

This easy-care, dual purpose breed thrives in the harshest conditions, offers high net profits and is a pleasure to farm. Roelof Bezuidenhout reports.
Inaccurate feeding practices and poorly formulated diets in dairy herds can lead to subacute rumen acidosis, and result in decreased milk yields, higher than normal cull rates and profit losses...
If your horse is coughing, it’s extremely important to identify the cause. Contact your vet to make a diagnosis. There are many different types of cough – but the most...

Success with hydroponics

Hugh and Isabel Wallace farm 4ha of vegetables undercover on Silver Dawn, close to Krugersdorp. They produce high-quality vegetables for the export market and top-end local stores.
Occasionally, I like to break away from the norm and take a look at the bigger picture of fresh produce trading globally. Here are some snippets gleaned from recent industry...
Peter Nicholson of Roselands farm near Richmond in KwaZulu-Natal believes organic farming can be used to sustainably feed the world. He shares his vision with Lloyd Phillips.
Traditionally, the fresh produce sector has been lax in attracting youngsters into the fold. But this is changing, and it’s encouraging to see the developments in recruiting that have taken...

Selling your produce

I wonder how many farmers appreciate the work involved in selling their produce? When you walk onto a busy market floor, you’ll see agents engaged in animated debate with buyers...

Is your customer king?

It’s said that businesses most likely to survive a recession are those that genuinely believe the ‘customer is king’.

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