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A bittersweet childhood memory turned into seven years of an inspiring and challenging journey.

Lack of land

Human settlement and lack of accountability threaten the availability of land in Kgabalatsane.
It took three deaths before a North West municipality prioritised an ongoing issue. It was solved in a day.

Plough for more

While below-average rainfall and temperatures are expected over South Africa until the end of January, weather forecasters are predicting wetter, cooler conditions for the later part of summer.
South Africa’s laws governing the welfare of wild animals under the ‘physical control of humans’ need to be updated. This is the view of the Centre for Environmental Rights (CER)...
Weather forecasts indicate that there was a more than 50% chance of another El Niño event occurring in the coming season, which could result in drought conditions, according to a...
A tool was recently developed to help farmers calculate the carbon footprint of their crops.
Good rain has fallen over the grain production areas of the western Free State and most of the grain producers have started planting.
Over the next three years, government will spend R8,7 billion on the settlement of land restitution claims, a figure which pales in comparison to the estimated R179 billion that will...
The newly released bills amending the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act offer more clarity to questions surrounding the future of labour brokers in South Africa....
Soweto businessman Xolani Ndzaba has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He spoke to Luyolo Mkentane about how he founded Lethabo Milling, SA’s first black-owned milling company.
In an area suffering from poverty and unemployment, Aredirisaneng Agricultural Co-operative in Randfontein is a shining light. This 10-women co-operative, established with funding from First Uranium Ezulwini Mine and receiving...
Agriculture in Africa will never succeed unless governments, private businesses and farming communities learn to trust each other and work together. Klaus Eckstein, CEO of Bayer Southern Africa, spoke to...
The list of audits to which SA producers are expected to adhere continues to grow – a situation given impetus by the farm worker unrest in the Western Cape in...
Producing popcorn is a highly specialised industry that differs from conventional maize production, says Johann Kriek, CEO of the Bigfoot Trading Company. Annelie Coleman reports.
For some, biryani exists only to give meaning and purpose to lentils. For others, a crabstick biryani is the ultimate in perfect taste.

DIY straw bale house

Build your own affordable, sustainable straw bale home with these handy tips.

At the foot of a mountain

Jonno helps a couple with a house near Barberton.

Deep-fried chicken

Tame cooking takes place in the kitchen. Wild cooking you do outside. A classic example of the latter is a braai, which leaves the cook as smoked as a kipper...
FW reader Pat is moving to a farm and wants to build a cottage on the land. Jonno helps design a beautiful cottage at minimal cost.

Modern boozy berry trifle

Here's our take on the traditional trifle, mixed with the secret ingredient... Amarula Cream. Try this delicious recipe now.

Ngunis on the mountain

East Cape Nguni Club chairperson Wimpie Mostert calves over 200 registered Nguni stud females in an environment that has truly tested the value of the breed’s adaptability and hardiness. Mike...
Dr Mac discusses how to train a horse to lift its leg on command so that its hooves can be cleaned.
Training for the first year of the South African Prestige Invitational Race is in full swing. Thomas Smit takes a look at this event.
Desmond Siteti farms in a communal area of the former Ciskei as well as on a 500ha commercial farm with Boer- and Savannah-type goats and a small, but impressive herd...
The science of genomics allows livestock breeders to predict the genetic merit of an animal. Dr Japie van der Westhuizen of SA Stud Book explains the basic principles to Annelie...
Contact with wildlife can endanger your livestock, because wild animals are a source of diseases that seriously affect the productivity of livestock and even lead to death.
To obtain high prices on the market, a watermelon grower has to produce fruit that looks good as well as tastes delicious.

The challenges ahead

With all eyes on the road ahead in 2012, I would like to share a few thoughts with you. A positive ending to 2011 for the two main organisations representing...
Last week, I wrote about trust between the producer and the market agent, focusing particularly on the role of the producer.
Last week, I wrote about the impressive new markets being established in Namibia.
'Sunlight is the ultimate limiting factor. Water and nutrients will only optimise the limits set by day length.'
Lettuce has its origin in the eastern Mediterranean and has been cultivated for thousands of years. It is part of the daisy family Asteraceae, and the range of varieties is...

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