The Weekly Wrap Podcast discusses some of the top news and articles featured in the latest edition of Farmer’s Weekly magazine, as well as the trending topics for the week on its online and social media platforms.

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The Latest:

4. Special Covid-19 Report – Citrus – The Weekly Wrap

In this first episode of our special coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic podcast series Farmer’s Weekly editor, Denene Erasmus, gives an update on how the publication has adapted to keep readers up to date with news and information relevant to the sector, and the public at large, during this critical period. Despite not being able to print the magazine during April, Farmer’s Weekly has increased the volume of new content being published on the website, and the team is working hard to keep our audience up to date and informed.

This episode takes a look at the R20-billion per annum domestic citrus industry, which is just gearing up for the 2020 harvest season. Sabrina Dean speaks to CEO of the Southern African Citrus Growers’ Association, Justin Chadwick.


3. 27 March issue – The Weekly Wrap

Welcome to the first official episode of The Weekly Wrap!

In this podcast, we discuss the 27 March issue of Farmer’s Weekly, which focuses on new farm technology, as well as skills development.

The features in this issue include information about the latest trends and developments in irrigation, and an article on some of the best mobile apps available to make life easier for farmers. We also look at the most in-demand skills in the farming sector, and why there are so many graduates that are unemployed.

We also speak about the impact the novel coronavirus outbreak is expected to have on the supply chain, the increase in the poultry tariff and various stakeholders’ response to this, as well as the drop in the oil price and how this will affect farmers.


2. 20 March issue – The Weekly Wrap

Welcome to the last warm-up for the official Farmer’s Weekly podcast series, The Weekly Wrap.

In this podcast, we discuss the 20 March issue of Farmer’s Weekly, and look at the current marketing trend in the wine industry, as well as a Western Cape farmer who is determined to not only keep his soil healthy, but also to make conservation a profitable venture.

We also take discuss the recent Grain SA congress and how the novel coronavirus outbreak in South Africa is likely to affect consumer behaviour.


1. 13 March issue – The Weekly Wrap

Welcome to the first warm-up episode of the official Farmer’s Weekly podcast.

In this episode, we discuss the 13 March issue of Farmer’s Weekly, and the importance of implementing a livestock identification and traceability system in South Africa. The issue of traceability has become particularly important in recent months, due to the foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks last year.

We also discuss the expected increase in the maize harvest, and the agriculture sector in South Africa being in recession for the second year in a row.

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The Farmer’s Weekly podcast, The Weekly Wrap, is hosted by Farmer’s Weekly editor, Denene Erasmus. Regular guests include Julinda Schroeder, Janine Ryan and Sindira Chetty. The podcast is produced and edited by Vian Roos, with additional programming assistance from Pieter Dempsey.