Tax kit for non-accountants: bookkeeping in a box

Small business owners, who may not have access to computer ­software for calculating business income and expenses, can now heave a sigh of relief. Issue date 8 June 2007

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Small business owners, who may not have access to computer ­software for calculating business income and expenses, can now heave a sigh of relief. AccTax Systems has created the solution in a handwritten ­system that requires no special skills. “If you know how to fill in a Lotto ticket and can use an ordinary ­calculator, you can use AccTax,” says ­accountant Christine Parkinson, designer and ­patent owner of the system. “Too many small businesses are falling foul of the tax laws and suffering heavy ­penalties through ignorance. Our country has many gifted entrepreneurs who would do different if they knew different. Many business people cannot afford a ­professional accountant and, as a result, either evade tax altogether, or use under-qualified bookkeepers. ­Unfortunately, either way, it is the ­business owner who faces a criminal charge if SARS comes knocking on the door.”

The AccTax kit carefully guides the user from point of sale through simple monthly routines by means of a series of specially designed stationery and step-by-step instructions. If correctly followed, the result is a clear record of business income and expenses in a neat workbook, with supporting ­documentation retained in a compact storage system the size of a very large shoebox.

Tax returns made easy

Year-end guidelines ensure that the user is correctly equipped with ­everything required to complete the tax return (including personal ­medical expenses and vehicle use), as well as a year-on-year record of assets and liabilities as required by SARS.

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No bookkeeping experience is required and a step-by-step guide shows how to set up and use the system. All that’s needed extra is a calculator, a pen and ­common sense. A handy brochure included ­provides tips on good business practice. The AccTax System can never replace the services of a qualified accountant but does provide a responsible, effective alternative for small business owners. “The best news is that the kit is so affordable, currently ­retailing at R300,” Christine says.

Users will be kept up to date via SMS of any tax changes, ­interesting business events or AccTax ­workshops taking place. Distributor ­enquiries are welcomed. – Chris Nel

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