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A good pig for processing

What would you classify as a good pig for processing purposes? Ambleside Meats' abbattoir owner, Lance Huffingham gives FW more insight. Read more about...

Dutch ambassador, André Haspels discusses SA Agriculture

Nan Smith talks to outgoing Dutch ambassador, André Haspels about the future of agriculture in SA. Haspels said that agriculture is an important sector...

Regional Ploughing competition – KZN

Regional Ploughing Competitions are now held all over South Africa. The first two places at each event qualify to compete at the National Championships at Grain SA's NAMPO Harvest Day. The winner at NAMPO will become the new South African Ploughing Champion and will have the chance to compete at next year's World Ploughing Competition.

Tina responds to presidential address

In his state of the nation address on 13 February, President Jacob Zuma said agriculture is a key job driver and a provider of opportunities for entrepreneurship. He also praised the agricultural support programme, Fetsa Tlala, which was launched last year, saying it was producing brand new exporters.

‘Be patient’ – Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa, in his capacity as game breeder, spoke at the recent Stud Game Breeders and Wildlife Ranching South Africa bursaries presentation ceremony at the Tshwane University of Technology. Ramaphosa, encouraged Dr Gert Dry, President of Wildlife Ranching SA to be patient in his dealing with government.

Barry York – Golden Breeders interview

Nan Smith interviews Barry York, a partner in the Golden breeders, breeding project about the 30 golden bulls that are being kept on a...

Geringhoff wheat header at Agritechnica

The Agritechnica show took place at the Exhibition Grounds in Hannover, Germany with 450 000 people attending during seven days. On display was this...

Farming advice for emerging farmers

Dairy farmer, William Khourie from Bosparadys farm advises emerging farmers to have mentors before they get into farming. "There is no way today you...

‘Farm workers are not vulnerable’- Rita Andreas

Farm Workers' Forum spokesperson, Rita Andreas spoke to #FWSA on the negligent use of the term 'vulnerable farm workers'. Andreas says workers are not...

Grain SA’s farmer development programme

Grain SA's provincial coordinator, Jurie Mentz talks to Lindi van Rooyen about the organisations's Study Groups Programme with emerging farmers. The programme focuses on...

18m-wide, 24-row Horsch Maestro maize planter

Mechanisation Editor, Joe Spencer, recently visited Horsch in Germany. Watch as Joe explains how the 18m-wide, 24-row Horsch Maestro maize planter folds for transport and opens, ready for planting.

Horsch Leeb PT 330 self propelled crop sprayer

Mechanisation Editor, Joe Spencer, recently visited Horsch in Germany. Watch as Joe explains how the Horsch Leeb PT 330 self propelled crop sprayer moves...

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