broiler house ventilation

Tips for better chicken house heating & ventilation

To raise healthy and uniform birds in a chicken house, it is essential to maintain optimal heating and ventilation at all times. Sonét Roux, technical advisor at Country Bird Holdings,...
Chicken trailers optimise egg production

Chicken trailers optimise egg production

Jo Spilsbury discusses how the use of chicken trailers has optimised egg production.

Transformation plans for the poultry industry

South Africa’s quest for global competitiveness has widened the gap between established poultry producers and new entrants. It is imperative to come up with new transformation models. Dr Charlotte Nkuna,...
Retiring on free-range chickens

Retiring on free-range chickens

Retired broker, Hennie Lamprecht, runs a profitable, free-range chicken farming operation.
how to become a poultry farmer

How to become a successful poultry farmer

The road to becoming a successful poultry farmer is littered with obstacles, but it is possible.

Invasive trees halve broiler heating costs

Eucalyptus trees are seen as a threat to native plants and scarce water resources, requiring the eradication of these trees at a considerable cost. Broiler producer Hugh Davison has found...
free-range eggs

Producing free-range eggs in KZN

Felicity Vonmoos is meeting consumers’ demands for humane egg production.
Small-scale ostrich farming success

Small-scale ostrich farming success

Martin Fick and Adriaan Olivier led a group of ostrich farmers in the Eastern Cape to success.
Nu Dawn Eggs: production tips and secrets

Nu Dawn Eggs: production tips and secrets

Seo Mtetwa, MD of Nu Dawn Eggs, talks about the company's beginning, success and future.
The key to running a top broiler business

The key to running a top broiler business

Sound management and investing in human resources has brought Gilbert Phalafala swift success.
broiler house chicken

Broiler house management: 3 best practices

Poultry expert Bruce Gibson says the three golden rules for best broiler house management are: look, listen and smell. Lloyd Phillips investigates the importance of using your sense of smell.

Successfully producing quail’s eggs

Elize van Greunen supplies quails and pickled quail eggs to a niche market.


SA expected to regain net maize export status

It is expected that South Africa will regain its status as a net exporter of maize with the second biggest maize crop on record since 1980, forecast for this season.

Dealing with eelworm

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