Vaccinating poultry during the rearing period

Vaccinating poultry during the rearing period

A vaccination programme will increase profits by reducing mortality and improving the health of chicks.
Watch out for Mycotoxins

Watch out for Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins, which are present in most animal feed, can affect a poultry flock badly. It’s crucial to manage feed and the environment to lower mycotoxin levels.
Small-scale ostrich farming success

Small-scale ostrich farming success

Martin Fick and Adriaan Olivier led a group of ostrich farmers in the Eastern Cape to success.
Nu Dawn Eggs: production tips and secrets

Nu Dawn Eggs: production tips and secrets

Seo Mtetwa, MD of Nu Dawn Eggs, talks about the company's beginning, success and future.
Pekin ducks

Dargle duck business takes off

A mother-and-son team is building a reputation for flavoursome ‘open-range’ Pekin ducks. But behind the picture-perfect ideal of ducks preening happily under sprinklers lies many challenges.
The key to running a top broiler business

The key to running a top broiler business

Sound management and investing in human resources has brought Gilbert Phalafala swift success.
broiler house chicken

Broiler house management: 3 best practices

Poultry expert Bruce Gibson says the three golden rules for best broiler house management are: look, listen and smell. Lloyd Phillips investigates the importance of using your sense of smell.

Successfully producing quail’s eggs

Elize van Greunen supplies quails and pickled quail eggs to a niche market.
Profiting from ducks – not all it’s quacked up to be

Profiting from free-range ducks in KZN

Brian Stewart, owner of The Duck Lady, shares his tips and secrets for profitable duck farming.

The unexpected demand for free-range chicken in SA

Jeanne Groenewald never expected her attempt to feed her family healthy food to turn into one of South Africa’s great poultry success stories. Starting out by rearing 100 chickens in...


leaf rust

Wheat producers, treat fungicides with caution!

South African wheat producers should guard against over-application of fungicide, according to Dr Tarekegn Terefe, senior researcher at ARC-Small Grain, Bethlehem. The unnecessary use of fungicides can harm the environment...

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