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The tough business of flower production

After 80 years, the family business Engelke Blomme continues to produce outstanding flowers, despite a highly competitive market. Glenneis Kriel spoke Günther Engelke about their success.

Managing volatility in the agricultural market

Volatility has become the norm in agricultural markets. Nico Groenwald, head of agriculture at Standard Bank, advises how farmers can keep their heads above water in uncertain times.

The homesteading approach to sustainable lifestyle farming

In a world dominated by size and scale, Bruce and Alison Gilson have found ways to make their small Western Cape farm economically viable. Glenneis Kriel visited them.

AASA can benefit your agritourism business

The Association for Agritourism in South Africa unites farmers and potential tourists on its website.

Commercial success from ‘instant’ trees

The journey of Themba Trees Tree Farm near Grabouw started in her backyard, says Caroline de Villiers, the Western Cape department of agriculture’s Top Commercial Female Entrepreneur for 2016. Today,...

Young agripreneur links small-scale farmers to markets

Agribusiness entrepreneur, Leeko Makoene, has a grand vision for South Africa’s young farmers, but thinks a mindshift is needed to kick-start renewal in the sector. She explained to Wilma den...

Agri insurance: why more and more farmers are opting out

The hefty losses suffered in the agricultural sector as a result of the drought has raised questions about the relevance of agricultural insurance in today’s farming environment. Wilma den Hartigh...
The essence of organic brandy production

The essence of organic brandy production

Edmund Oettle, South Africa’s only organic brandy producer, explains that his farming approach is a life choice. He speaks to Jay Ferreira about his business operation near Wellington in the...
Côte d’Ivoire – bringing out the best in cocoa production

Côte d’Ivoire – bringing out the best in cocoa production

Cocoa may be the main ingredient in one of the world’s favourite confectioneries, but its production has, at times, been plagued by scandal. Efforts are underway in Côte d’Ivoire and...

The sawmill that runs on wood gas power

With renewable energy becoming necessary, could wood gasification present a viable alternative?
Managing a farming business in financial distress

Managing a farming business in financial distress

Your farming business is in a one-way financial cul de sac. What remedies do you have at your disposal to solve the problem? Johan Botha, an attorney specialising in insolvencies,...

Farmers to view agriculture as an investment vehicle – Standard Bank

It’s important to plan beyond the drought in a sector that will remain a driver of economic growth & social stability.


Cut-down domestic water tanks

Aquaponics: get it right, or grow veggies on their own!

Many aquaponics operations focus only on plant yield and ignore fish production. These are merely hydroponic systems that use expensive means to fertilise their plants.

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