Visit Pannar at NAMPO and make them part of your success

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Pannar’s journey with you doesn’t end at planting: they want to see you achieve the full profitability and performance potential benefits of their products.

Visit Pannar at NAMPO and make them part of your success
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They provide accurate placement recommendations and farm management guidelines based on long-term, multi-regional agronomic trials. This work is undertaken in their Panagri™ programme.

This programme does the groundwork to investigate the relationship between crop yields, management practices, input application rates, soil characteristics and weather variables. The advent of precision agriculture technology has made information provided by agronomic trials even more valuable than ever before.

The application of sound economic theory to the Panagri™ findings is how they enrich the lives of farmers and together explore the frontiers of farming and science.

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Pannar has a strong foundation of agronomic expertise to build on and the analytical skills, courage and curiosity to push their understanding of best agronomic practices forward.

“We’d like to invite you on this journey with us to see where we’re headed, what our team is actively working on and what we learn along the way,” says Pannar lead agronomist Grant Pringle.

What sort of groundwork?

One of the key Panagri™ research projects is the West Water Table Trial. In the North West province and north-western Free State there is a high-potential maize quadrangle, where soils have an impervious layer that limits the fast drainage of soil water.

Pannar has partnered with Omnia Nutriology to conduct a Panagri™ trial at strategic locations to evaluate cultivar performance at varying plant populations and variable fertiliser application rates.

The trial plots are large enough to replicate farmer production conditions and management practices. Preliminary findings indicate that the organisation has achieved a tremendous breakthrough in its white hybrid range.

An ongoing trial series and cornerstone of the product advancement process under the umbrella of the Panagri™ programme is the annual on-farm P3 trials. These statistical strip trials are used to test new pipeline products at field scale under the normal management practices of their co-operating farmers and the prevailing environmental conditions on their farms.

The performance of these products is then compared to the performance of Pannar’s current commercial and opposition products. In this way the P3 trial results function as a final acid test before the wide-scale launch of the new products, ensuring their success.

Learn more about the Panagri™ practical farming research at NAMPO stands B41 and 42 from 14 – 17 May 2024, where you can speak to experts.

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