New Holland to expand distribution in Africa


New Holland Agriculture, a division of CNH Industrial, will open a new branch office in Johannesburg at the beginning of May, to provide support to farmers in South Africa, as well as Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia.

New Holland to expand distribution in Africa

“The pursuit of higher productivity and a shift from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture and large-scale farming projects, aimed at bringing new land into cultivation and introducing more efficient farming practices, have driven the growth in the equipment market,” CNH Industrial’s business director for Africa and Middle East, Federico Bellotto said.

He explained that this process had very specific requirements, from simple, robust tractors that were easy to use and service, to high-horsepower models, as well as a wide range of baling and harvesting equipment.

“The trend is set to continue as African countries strive to develop this sector to meet the growing demand for agricultural commodities. Demand for tractors have increased, especially in the segment below 75 hp, combine harvesters and hay and forage equipment,” he said.

Bellotto said the company was also able to support efficient farming practices with their seeding and tilling equipment.

“It is our role to explore the ways technology and equipment can help them farm efficiently, to develop the products and services they need at the stage of mechanisation they have reached, and in view of their financial resources,” he said.

The company is also investing in sustainable initiatives.

“Agricultural mechanisation in the 21st century should be environmentally compatible, economically viable, affordable, adapted to local conditions, and climate-smart, said Bellotto.

To ensure a smooth transition, current importer, Humulani Marketing, will continue to provide sales, parts and servicing on a non-exclusive basis for the next 12 months, according to a statement by the company.