HerdBoys – Try this agricultural buying group

A one-stop, online shop for ordering inputs. What could be more convenient? Greg Miles reports.

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Looking for innovative, online agricultural buying and marketing solutions? Try the HerdBoys Agricultural Buying Group.
It’s the brainchild of Mooi River’s Ross Phipson, a businessman who comes from farming stock and has studied agriculture. The HerdBoys Agricultural Buying Group has been operating in KwaZulu-Natal for just over two and a half years. Now it’s rolling out its latest offering countrywide – the HerdBoys Online Trading System (HOTS).

This easy-to-use website (www.hots.co.za) allows farmers to request price quotes from many local agricultural input suppliers. It also delivers red-hot sales opportunities for fertiliser, seed, feed, fuel, agro-chemicals and animal health products directly to agri-input suppliers’ inboxes.

New suppliers a click away

Farmers are able to discover new suppliers without wasting time phoning around for prices. HerdBoys also has an affiliate website where farmers can earn money for referrals (Online Price Quotes). For agri-input suppliers using the system, the benefits include increasing sales and market share, saving time and money on sales and marketing costs, and having access to a vast network of local buyers ready to do business.

Commission-free Meeting place
The biggest advantage of HOTS, though, is that neither buyer nor seller pay commission. It simply provides the meeting place – as if buyer and seller were simply meeting over a cup of coffee. The system works on a subscription basis, with an annual payment that is nominal compared with what you’ll save.

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So if you’re a buyer (such as an individual farmer, co-op or agri-processor), a supplier of inputs or a trader, HOTS is definitely worth a try. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. HerdBoys offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if their online trading system doesn’t work for you.