Humane, eco-friendly cultured meat products

A company called, SuperMeat, is aiming to revolutionise the meat industry with a system it has developed to produce cultured meat on a small-scale, in collaboration with Yaakov Nahmias, a biomedical engineer and a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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The aim of the project is to create a sustainable, humane, and eco-friendly source of meat, the company said.

According to SuperMeat, ‘cultured meat’, also known as cell-cultured meat or in-vitro meat, is produced from animal cells that are grown to vast numbers from a single biopsy, taken without hurting the animal itself.”

The cells are incubated in an environment that mimics the natural body of the animal, and receive nutrients that help them grow into a full meal-ready portion of meat.

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SuperMeat aims to organically grow chicken tissue to produce three products: cultured chicken liver meat, minced meat, and chicken breast meat.