SA white maize harvest delayed

The 2016 white maize harvest has been delayed because of late plantings and the fact that crops are taking longer to dry off because of the shorter days and lower temperatures, according to Grain SA.

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The delivery rate of yellow maize is much faster, Petru Fourie, Grain SA research co-ordinator and production cost analyst, said in a statement.

However, factors such as direct sales and on farm retention of grains needed to be taken into account when comparing producer deliveries with the final 2016 crop estimate.

Future deliveries, including supplies still on farms in silo bags, grain dams, bags and farm silos should also be considered.

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SAGIS statistics show that 56% (1 673 707t) of the expected 3 067 475t white maize harvest, including an expected 80 000t budgeted for on farm retention, had been delivered by the second week of July.

Yellow maize deliveries went much faster and 79,4% (2 887 086t) was delivered by 13 July, compared to the 5th national yellow maize crop estimate of 3 986 900, including 3 500t expected to be retained on-farm.

White maize is planted mainly in the western parts of the summer grain production area, yellow maize mainly in the eastern parts.

The yellow maize planting season is about one month ahead of the western region’s planting season.