2015 Christmas messages

Leaders in South African agriculture take this opportunity in wishing the farming community a joyous Christmas.

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Senzeni Zokwana – minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries

I must commend all our farmers who continue to work hard to feed our country, even in these conditions. My door is open to all farmers; I am determined to work with farmers to find solutions to realise the sector’s full potential. This industry feeds us and we must continue to fight for its success. As the noted agricultural speaker and motivator Brenda Schoepp so aptly puts it, “My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.” We will be launching compulsory community service for vets in 2016 and are looking forward to welcoming the new vets to our primary animal healthcare programme. Wishing you a happy festive season. Be safe on the roads and let’s continue to farm.

Agri SA president – Johannes Möller

As Christians, we may often be concerned about our circumstances and sense desperation in others. Our belief in the almighty Creator, who sees to it that no threat is too great and no load too heavy for us to bear, keeps us positive on the road ahead despite challenges and disappointments. We are also thankful for the many positive things we enjoy, and should show a willingness to reach out to those in need. I wish all our farmers and farm workers and their families a joyous Christmas, and trust they will experience the blessing they look forward to sharing with their loved ones.

Afasa president – Mike Mlengana

The year 2015 was an eventful one, especially in the agricultural sector. Many challenges came to the fore: land reform, drought and the chicken industry’s woes, to mention a few. Despite the uncertainty of the future, I urge the farming fraternity to continue working hard and plan ahead to ensure that we manage the setbacks brought by these challenges, as best as we can. I wish to thank all industry players and stakeholders for the support they have given Afasa and me in my personal capacity during the difficult times in 2015. I would like to wish every member of the African Farmers’ Association of South Africa and the farming community as a whole, a prosperous New Year.

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TAU SA president – Louis Meinjies

The time has now come to recharge our proverbial batteries. Be on your guard at this time, which traditionally sees an increase in farm attacks. Take care on the roads if you are travelling on holiday and enjoy your break. We will also be renewing the vow of the covenant on 16 December as a token of our gratitude, knowing this was not due to human endeavour but through the power of our Heavenly Father. We commemorate Christmas in thankful memory of the greatest gift that humanity has received. May we all experience a joyous festive season and may 2016 be prosperous for every farmer despite the challenges. May we be enabled to put food on the tables of everybody in our country.

Read the full messages in the 25 Dec 2015 – 1 Jan 2016 issue of FW.