AgriSA’s Möller calls for land reform guidelines

South African agriculture needs clearer guidelines from the government on land reform, according to AgriSA. The organisation dismissed calls that half of commercial farms be expropriated and given to farmworkers.

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“There is an urgent need for clearer guidelines on responsible approaches to land reform and the more expanded application of them which will result in sustainable solutions for this complex problem,” AgriSA president Johannes Möller said at the organisation’s congress held near Pretoria.

The government should also address the labour dispensation where ‘reckless strikes’ are harming agriculture and the country’s productive capacity, he said. The organisation is also in talks, as part of Business Unity SA, with President Jacob Zuma to scrap regulations that harm economic growth and job creation.

South Africa’s economy grew by 0,6% in the second quarter after contracting by the same magnitude in the first three months of the year. More than one in four South African are without a job.

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