Angora farmers receive help from abroad

Francis Patthey, chairperson of Samil Natural Fibres (Pty) Ltd asked his family, which has interests in the Alpaca industry in Peru and Switzerland and agribusinesses in Peru and Chili, as well as his business partners abroad, to donate funds to purchase animal feed for drought-stricken Angora farmers in need.

Angora farmers receive help from abroad
About 720 bags of maize being unloaded at Steytlerville in the drought-stricken, south-eastern part of the Karoo. This was part of a consignment of 15 similar loads, which were funded by Francis Pathhey, chairperson of Samil Natural Fibres (Pty) Ltd, and his international business partners.
Photo: Roelof Bezuidenhout

The funds – a private gesture – were exclusively meant for mohair producers, and were channelled through Samil and Samil Farming, which are internationally known for their involvement in the natural fibre industry, and the South African Mohair Growers’ Association.

“We only wish we could do more to help mohair farmers during these trying times as it is of cardinal importance to stabilise mohair production, not only for sustainability of the local industry, but also for international clients and users,” Patthey said.

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According to a Samil spokesperson, who wanted to remain anonymous, Samil Farming’s involvement in Angora goat production through its two studs and wether (kapater) projects, run in partnership with several farmers, meant that the company was as exposed to the horrors of the drought as any other producer.

The Mohair Trust and Mohair Buyers’ Association had paid for the feed to be transported and delivered to farmers in disaster drought districts such as Prince Albert, Leeu Gamka, Oudtshoorn, Heroldt, BeaufortWest, Rietbron, Willowmore, Aberdeen, Klipplaat, Steytlerville and  Jansenville.